Why is Council undertaking this survey?

Council currently has the Paths and Trails Strategy. This Strategy is currently under review and your feedback will help shape this new Strategy called 'Walk in Ride in Casey'. This survey will allow Council to understand where our community members prefer us to focus our investment, in regards to pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure. 

A future consultation for the draft of the 'Walk and Ride in Casey Strategy', will be held in the coming months. 

What are the competition terms and conditions?

1. This competition is open to people who complete the survey, or drop a pin on the map (excluding Council staff and Councillors).

2. The competition opens on Wednesday 12 June 2019.

3. The competition closes on Sunday 14 July 2019 

4. There are five prizes of $40 Westfield gift vouchers.

5. The winners will be randomly selected from participants who provide feedback during the consultation period from Wednesday 12 June 2019 until Sunday 7 July 2019 at 5.00 pm.

6. The $40 Westfield vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash.

7. The winners of the $40 Westfield vouchers will be drawn on Monday 8 July 2019.

8. The prize winner will be notified via the email address or phone number provided when registering to participate in the Casey Conversations community feedback page. Missing or incomplete contact details will be ineligible for the prize draw.

9. Only one entry is permitted per person.

What will happen with my feedback?

Your feedback will allow Council to understand better where our residents would like us to focus the investment in regards to pedestrian and bicycle paths. Your feedback will be used to shape the upcoming strategy called 'Walk and Ride in Casey'

We will also use your feedback to identify gaps in the path network infrastructure that could be considered for inclusion in future capital works programs.

Why do you ask for my personal information in the survey?

The personal information required in the survey is optional and it is only required for those who desire to be part of the draw of the two Westfield vouchers for $40 each. The email address or the phone number will let us contact the winners.  

How do I give my feedback?

Take the survey in this link 'Walk and Ride Survey'

Drop the pin into the map and make a comment here