Why has Council establishing a Community Taskforce?

In April 2017, Casey People’s Panel delivered 24 recommendations to Council that aimed to address the long term financial challenges facing City of Casey in the current and forecast period of significant growth, paired with State Government Fair Go Rates System.

One of the recommendations adopted as a Year 1 Council Plan Action (2017/18) was to ‘Create a community taskforce to monitor the implementation of the Vision and Council Plan. This group would meet every year’.

Council established the Taskforce in 2018 with a one year tenure as part of the promise made to action each of the People's Panel recommendations. 

It is now time to recruit new Taskforce members for 2019.

How will the Community Taskforce be selected?

Appointments will be made by expression of interest and invitation open to the whole community. Selection will aim to closely resemble the Casey community profile (ABS Census 2016) - according to gender, age, Council ward, English as first language, place of birth, employment and living status.

If you have applied to be on the Community Taskforce, you can expect to hear from us by 28 February 2019 to find out if you have been successful.

I have been on the Community Taskforce this year, can I still apply?

Yes, you can submit your expression of interest for next years Community Taskforce even if you were on this years Community Taskforce.

To ensure there are continued opportunities for community participation and to encourage a fresh perspective, a maximum of four (4) Taskforce members can sit on consecutive Taskforce groups.

What will the Community Taskforce involve?

»  Attendance at two Community Taskforce meetings, and participation in activities at each:

»  23 March 2019 (Bunjil Place - 10am - 1pm)

»  7 September 2019 (Bunjil Place - 10am - 1pm)

»  Participation in online forums and community engagement activities through the dedicated Community Taskforce portal.

»  Discuss and listen to the perspectives and views of other members

In agreeing to be a part of the Community Taskforce you will be required to attend, and participate in all three meetings. You will also be expected to arrive on time, and remain for the duration of each session, or if you are unavoidably delayed, to communicate this to Council.

Throughout the process you will be expected to take advantage of the information provided to learn as much as you can, to treat all people in a respectful and courteous manner, and allow others to express their views.

What is the purpose of the Community Taskforce?

The Community Taskforce has been formed to monitor implementation of the Council Plan and Vision. The Community Taskforce provides an advisory role to Council.

This will be accomplished through:

»  Progress updates to be provided by Council at two Community Taskforce meetings

»  Q&A panel at each Community Taskforce meeting focused on Council Plan progress.

»  Taskforce participation in online forums through the dedicated Community Taskforce portal on Casey Conversations website

»  Taskforce participation in activities that shape future implementation of the Council Plan and Vision.

Do I need to have any expert knowledge to participate?

No. The ‘expertise’ we are looking for is that you care about, and are interested in the future of Casey, including, but not limited to, the neighbourhood you live, work or invest in.

Will I be paid for my time on the Taskforce?

No. Participation in the Community Taskforce is voluntary. 

How long will the Taskforce go for?

The Community Taskforce will be in place for the duration of the current Council Plan until June, 2021.

The initial Taskforce members were appointed in February 2018 for a duration of one year, and a new cohort will be established each year to ensure that it remains demographically representative. 

What influence will my participation have on the City of Casey’s future decisions?

The Community Taskforce will be an important part of Councils wider community engagement program to inform development of the actions to implement the Council Plan each year.

Any outcomes from discussions at the Community Taskforce meetings may be considered in drafting the Action Plan for 2019-20. Council will report back to the Community Taskforce to advise whether their feedback has been accepted or declined, and why. Similarly, any outcomes from the Community Taskforce meeting in September 2019 may be considered in drafting the Action Plan for 2020-21.

The Community Taskforce will be invited to participate in a range of other engagement activities throughout the year that will have varying levels of influence on Council’s decision making. These will be individually communicated at the time of each activity.

If I'm not selected, can I still be involved?

Yes! We'd love for you to be involved in other engagement activities - the best way to do this is to register to Casey Conversations. We'll send you emails whenever we have a project or decision that we'd like your input on.

What ages will you take on the Taskforce?

We are looking for a group of people to represent a 'mini Casey' and would like people from as young as 15 to people who are over 75. Unfortunately if you are under the age of 15 you do not qualify to be on the Taskforce. We will be running a range of other activities throughout the year to hear the opinions of children and young people under the age of 15.