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How do you use technology to transact with other organisations?

over 4 years ago

Consultation has concluded

  • Admin Commented Casey Administrator over 4 years ago
    Thanks for your feedback. We are currently collating it to help us finalise Council's Customer Focus Strategy.
  • mickfeeger over 4 years ago
    Providing a variety of customer channels is important, so long as it remains effective. Effective from a service perspective (at both ends) and cost effective. I wouldn't want my rates to jump up (again) purely to support an online chat functionality (for instance) that I might use once in a blue moon. I have used face to face, phone, mail, email, chat, social media (FB and Twitter), online forums, apps for phone and tablet and I can tell you - I don't have a channel preference. The channel I use depends on what I'm doing (and how I'm feeling) at the time. If I'm paying bills online, I'd expect an online option. If I'm at the shops, I'll drop into the offices. If I'm out an about I'll use phone. If I'm on the train, I'll use an app. Even if you were to only offer a handful of channels, more important is the timeliness and accuracy of the interaction. That is where I find the value.
  • ConcernedCitizen over 4 years ago
    Each time I have had direct contact issues have been resolved. When you use other methods I get the feeling the council is not interested, your agenda is settled. Also contact methods are too complicated as others have said.
  • Madmel over 4 years ago
    Everyone is online these days. It's convenient and easily accessible to most. Having methods for people to correspond in this way should be the norm for all companies these days. If a phone call is required, the person on the other end needs to know the answers or be able to transfer quickly so the person does not have to wait long. Most of us are time poor these days, so fast action is necessary.
  • GB5 over 4 years ago
    Smartphone's, tablets and social media are the future. It seems most large organisations are preferring customers to communicate via email or online chat and this really does work.
  • barryhahnel over 4 years ago
    Even this poll has serious complications. When a customer has made a comment, what does he do then to continue with the poll?
  • barryhahnel over 4 years ago
    Many other organisations have simple and efficient methods whereby a customer on-line can make enquiries and communicate with the service provider. In most cases the communications are simple and dealt with promptly and effectively. Banking, shopping, investment, contact with US Embassy, making travel arrangements, and dozens of other matters can be managed on-line. Casey Council seems to not even want to interact with its paying customers.