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Do you think the City of Casey needs a facility like the Casey Community Resource Centre? Why?

about 9 years ago

  • paulest almost 9 years ago
    I want a forum about why the parks in narre warren are not being mowed?They are disgusting and it is not pleasant walking in the parks when the grass is knee high
    • Admin Commented Casey Administrator almost 9 years ago
      Thankyou for your comment. For the next few months, Casey Conversations is focussing on several key advocacy issues that, if successful, will make a major difference to the lives of Casey residents. These issues include improvements to main roads, public transport, broadband coverage and construction of the Casey Community Resource Centre. In relation to grass-cutting of parks in Casey, recently, a major grass-cutting contractor has not performed according to contract specifications so Council has engaged additional contractors to catch up on the backlog of mowing. Good progress is being made across the City; however, the current high rainfall and warm temperatures are causing the grass to grow more quickly than usual and there are some parks and roadsides that are currently inaccessible due to the ground being too wet. The cost of the additional contractors will be deducted from the major contractor’s normal payments.
  • AbbysMum almost 9 years ago
    That the use of language used is to say the least is intimidatory and I think appauling.You list a number of services from adjoining councils or from departments within Casey Council, who would use this centre. As these services appear to be funded by the councils from which they originate why are the rate payers of Casey being expected to foot the funding of this centre? The very people who you say will benefit from it, because of circumstantial disadvantage, are being expected to fund the housing of agencies which should be already funded from the Government bodies from which they originate and as a consequence the very people who will or should have relief are again being penalised and marginalised due to finances ad circumstance." The project is being managed by the City of Casey in partnership with Casey North Community Information and Support Services, South Eastern Region Migrant Resource Centre, Westernport Accommodation and Youth Support Service, Cardinia Legal Service and Options Victoria." I see this as not an issue to be put up for community consultation but more an issue of councils using the rates they collect more effectively OR is council looking to be back patted for doing a job the rate payers of this council pay them, more than adaquately for.
    • Admin Commented Casey Administrator almost 9 years ago
      Thank you for your comment. To clarify, the proposed Casey Community Resource Centre is not to house Council departments or adjoining councils’ services, it is to be the home of a number of external community agencies and organisations. Land, to the value of $1.3 million, has already been purchased by the City of Casey for the centre to be located; however, Council, in partnership with these external agencies, is now seeking funding support from other levels of government for the actual construction of the centre. To this end, construction of the centre would not be funded by Council or its ratepayers. Lobbying on behalf of the community on this issue is an important priority of Council because some external community services agencies have said they may have to withdraw their services from Casey unless there is a solution found to their current accommodation crisis.
  • Tony O'Hara over 8 years ago
    I like the idea of the Centre, except I do not want to see services moved if is detrimental to the way they operate at the moment. e.g. It is no good moving a service that only serves Cranbourne to this location, as it would lose the connection with that community.In other words, as long as the Services are able to "serve the people it belong to" it should be OK
  • coxfamoz over 8 years ago
    A community resource centre would be a great idea. Do you think you could give us some more information on the services it would provide and also the community to which it is anticipated it will cater.
    • Admin Commented Casey Administrator over 8 years ago
      Construction of the Casey Community Resource Centre would provide a community resource hub to house and facilitate a range of information and support services including financial counselling services, legal advice, advocacy and civic participation activities. The increasing demand for these services within the City of Casey has left many of the municipality’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged residents exposed and unable to access the services and support they need.