Which project objective is important to you? Tell us why.

over 6 years ago

The Casey Cultural and Civic Precinct objectives are:

  • Community, cultural and civic heart
  • Identity that reflects community values
  • Tells the story of our community and celebrates our history and diversity
  • Strong inclusive, inviting and engaging public plaza
  • Activated and engaging space for events and informal meetings
  • Complementary surrounding facilities
  • Truly unique design that instils pride and ownership by the community
  • Visible and transparent connection with Council
  • Harness emerging technologies and digital art forms¬†

Consultation for this project has now closed. View the project vision, objectives and site plan. Feedback will be used to assist Council to develop the architect's brief for the project.

  • TonyMoody over 6 years ago
    I think something that draws tourists. Maybe an interactive walk. Maybe have a walk like the 1000 steps accept along the 1000 steps there are stop points where you can look and read about art, identity, wisdom, fame walk, spiritual quiet place... maybe even building step that lead up to a vantage point where people can have a great view of the lake and centre. There are plenty of walkers that walk around the shopping centre and jog around it. Maybe having a health path would be fun too :D Free health equipment like around the botanical gardens where people can jog but use. Its not much just where you do stretches and things. Its just outside the Botanical gardens on the yarra jogging trail. Also I notice when I was in Hong Kong they had a place where you could lock your love. Making it fun and vibrant would be kewl :Dhttp://travel-top10.blogspot.com.au/2013/02/top-10-special-where-to-lock-your-love.html
  • Futures1 over 6 years ago
    Environmentally sustainable design should be at the forefront. Energy and water conservation and waste minimisation need to be a focus with Council leading by example. Consideration of a Green Star rated building is important with their focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and significant savings on energy and water consumption and cost as referenced in "The Value of Green Star: A decade of environmental benefits"-Green Building Council of Australia 2013.
  • Alasdair Moodie over 6 years ago
    Behind all the political doublespeak one of the objectives that seems to have gotten lost in the mix is to actually provide facilities that service the needs of the community across Casey. I don't see how a single centralised facility serves the community at large? Due to the appalling state of Roads in Casey from some locations within Casey it takes about the same time to get to the proposed location as it does to get to Melbourne. The assumption here is that the centralised Cultural and Civic Arts Precinct model is a fait accompli despite the arts plan the council has contracted consultants to deliver being incomplete. Maybe the outcome of that planning might find that distributed facilities would serve the community better? But given the quality of the consultation to date I'm sure the plan will meet the expectations of those who contracted it rather than the needs of the community.
  • Karen over 6 years ago
    As a member of the Casey Arts Participation Initiative (CAPI) I have been involved in many aspects of the consultation process from the outset. I am appalled that even though the final recommendations from this process have not been presented a decision has already been made. Unfortunately this decision does not represent what the Casey community have expressed a desire to have. In fact it is almost the opposite. We can all agree that a regional arts centre is important however without supporting the development of arts in the community by providing adequate facilities at a local level there will be few local performers and artists developing their abilities to require or utilise a large arts complex. I also seriously doubt that the local community arts organisations will be able to afford to use the facilities proposed in any meaningful way. Surely one of the keys to promoting the arts in Casey is providing adequate facilities where members of the community can participate, practice and display their skills? Is a large centralised facility going to service that need? Maybe this facility is more about ego and showing off what Casey has rather than delivering what the rate paying public require.The impression I am getting now is that the exercise was more about being seen to be doing the right thing 'consulting' rather than actually doing much 'listening'. In fact at the last public consultation session I attended the councillors and council officers in attendance kept hinting that this Centralised Precinct was in the wings at the same time as members of the community were pointing out the need for facilities across the region and being told that their contribution to the process was valid and their voice being heard as nothing had been finalised. As a volunteer in this community not only do I resent having my time wasted over and over again but I cannot see how the City of Casey can go ahead with something that is clearly not what is most immediately required by the whole community. The arts in Casey desperately needs council support. It's great that the council is considering spending $125 Million dollars on it but since it's unlikely to see that sort of money again for quite some time maybe the council needs to spread it around to ensure that everyone no matter where they live in Casey gets to benefit.
    • Glendell over 6 years ago
      When I was heavily involved in the arts community in Alice Springs some years ago, I watched this exact same scenario play out there as well. The end result was exactly as Karen has supposed; the wonderful, stylish, culturally sensitive, state-of-the-art complex was rarely used by the general populace. The cost of hiring the spaces (galleries, theatres, etc) was prohibitive to not-for-profit community groups.It was predominantly used for visiting national and international performers, and the management of the Arts Centre was always wondering why the local community rarely booked its spaces. Performances were rarely booked out either, as the local community struggled to afford the ticket prices needed to cover the cost of these imported stars.Casey council is clearly working on feathering its own nest, rather than supporting local arts.
  • Civic Precinct over 6 years ago
    Council would like to thank participants for providing their thoughts on the Casey Cultural and Civic Precinct. Consultation has now ended and feedback will be used to assist Council to develop the architect's brief for the project.