What do you think about the vision for the project?

over 6 years ago

The Casey Cultural and Civic Precinct vision is:

An inviting central heart for the community that celebrates participation, belonging and civic pride.

Consultation for this project has now closed. View the project vision, objectives and site plan. Feedback will be used to assist Council to develop the architect's brief for the project.

  • Lyne over 6 years ago
    Fantastic idea, great for our local economy. Don't forget to include our history as we look to our future.
  • TonyMoody over 6 years ago
    I think it would be great if we had something similar like 'The Football Walk of Fame' like in Webb Street Shops, accept in the 'Casey Cultural & Civic Precinct' there would be 'The Historical Walk of Fame' that included historical Australians that made Australia great i.e notable women, men etc (Dame Nellie Melba, Queen Liz, Aboriginal Elders, Donald Bradman, Geoffrey Rush, Kylie Minogue ((heaps to choose from)etc) A nice big spiritual water feature be calming too and also represents purity, love, cleansing and union in spirituality working together... I hope its green and leafy 2 ;)
  • Futures1 over 6 years ago
    Ensure that the rich Aboriginal culture and European heritage are given focus and that a Local History archive facility is provided. The vision should encompass a sense of both history and place.
  • yamins over 6 years ago
    I am extremely delighted about this initiative by City of Casey. It will be a great opportunity to build-up relationships and display the colors of a progressive multicultural city.
  • birre over 6 years ago
    The conception is a great idea.However our family is disturbed that the buildings will mean the removal of the lake, the ducks etc.This park is a very pleasant feature of the area and breathes life into the busy commercial areaWhy cannot this be built on the Council carpark?or somewhere elseWe like the features-library, theatre, meeting rooms etc BUT NOT AT THE EXPENSE OF THE PARK ON THE CORNER
  • Civic Precinct over 6 years ago
    Council would like to thank participants for providing their thoughts on the Casey Cultural and Civic Precinct. Consultation has now ended and feedback will be used to assist Council to develop the architect's brief for the project.
  • helan about 6 years ago
    I am looking forward to interactive workshops that include cross generational participation for people of ALL abilities, from 3 year olds to 90 year olds - from people with lots of artistic ability to beginners!! how exciting to see our community come together, create together and form life long bonds of friendship and concern! what a wonderfully, healthy place to live!!