What is the proposal?

A planning application for a place of worship located at 25-31 Green Street, Doveton.

Council has already approved a Place of Worship at this address, why are they applying again?

Council had previously approved a place of worship at this address in 2011.The previous permit expired as works on the proposal did not begin within the required time period.

How is this application different to the previous application?

The proposed application is largely the same as the previously approved application. There has been some internal re-arrangement of rooms with the toilets now being relocated to the rear of the building and the library being moved to the front.

The site has also been consolidated to include number 25 Green Street (previously the proposed site comprised 27-31 Green Street). 

How long is the application being advertised for?

The proposal is required to be advertised in accordance with the Planning and Environment Act 1987 and must be for at least 14 days, however Council will consider any submissions received up until the day a decision is made.

How do I make a submission?

Submissions or objections need to be made in writing, stating your reasons for the submission and how you are affected by the proposal. You need to provide your contact details so that Council can acknowledge and register your submission. Providing your details ensures that Council can notify you of a decision and to secure rights to participate in appeal processes (i.e. VCAT).

Who is making the decision?

A decision will be made at a Council meeting later this year. If you make a written submission you will be notified of Council’s decision.

The applicant and submitters have the right to appeal Council’s decision through the Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal.

Council has not yet made a decision on the planning application. A decision will be made at the relevant Council meeting.