What is an activity centre/shopping centre?

Activity centres can include activities such as commercial, retail, entertainment, tourism, civic/community services, higher education, medical services, and higher density housing.  They are generally our strip and mall shopping centres that provide a mix of activity.

Are there different types of activity centres?

Activity centres differ in size and variety, and are designed to be accessible and service the community. The Victorian Government's metropolitan strategy Plan Melbourne identifies various types of centres including Metropolitan Activity Centres, Activity Centres, and Neighbourhood Centres.

What type of activity centres exist in Casey?

Each type of activity centre has specific functions, typical characteristics and performance targets. Typical characteristics include transport connectivity and accessibility, retail and office development.

The City of Casey has a wide range of Activity Centres from Metropolitan Activity Centres (Fountain Gate Narre Warren CBD; one of Australia’s largest) to your local neighborhood shopping strip and everything in between.

Why have an Activity Centres Strategy?

Some may question the need for an Activity Centres strategy that encourages activities to co-locate and that defines the role of centres, sometimes in advance of their construction. Can’t we just leave these decisions up to individual investors?

There are some good reasons to plan a network of activity centres across the City:

  • To provide greater certainty to the community and investors about expectations for the future form of development in activity centres so they remain vibrant and viable in the short and long term.
  • To provide fair access to services for current and future residents: By planning a network of centres we can work towards managing change to ensure activity centres are attractive, diverse and vibrant areas to live, work and shop.
  • To improve the viability and sustainability of urban development by placing services, employment and activity in the appropriate locations to ensure economic and social vitality of the area.

How will the Activity Centres Strategy affect me?

Our City is changing and growing and our activity centres need to cater for this change and growth.

Activity centres provide an environment for local jobs and without proper planning, that trip to the supermarket may become harder as you encounter more traffic congestion and further to walk from your parking space.  By planning sensibly we can work towards ensuring your shopping trip is a convenient experience and local jobs and services are easily accessible.

Initiatives and actions of the Activity Centres Strategy will promote urban development that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.